DIY Bar Refresh

bar beforecovering bar mirrorbar covered mirror

As I’ve mentioned before the Virginia house HAD a whole lotta oak going on. The wet bar is built-in, has plumbing and the carpeting goes up to not under the bar.  All of those factors mean living with it until we do flooring but I just couldn’t take it as is.

First thing that needed to happen was to paint this bad boy. I chose the Rust-oleum Chalked line in Charcoal. Same process was used as the built-in desk makeover. I cleaned the surface, removed the doors and painted everything with a 2″ angled brush.  It took 2-3 coats for full coverage and then I used their Matte sealer.  Added fresh hardware from Amazon and things were shaping up!

The mirrored area seemed dated to me.  I used leftover stained shiplap scraps from another project and hot glued them directly to the mirror.  This means it’s reversible and I seem to have a need to change things like a chameleon. I adjusted the shelving for even spacing and stage the shelves seasonally.

Lastly, it seemed naked between the cabinets and counter as if a backsplash was lacking. For now I used scrap peel and stick brick wallpaper to fill the area and may use the same backsplash that I choose for the kitchen in the future in this space as well.

We have actually grown to like the little wet bar and may consider it a keeper even when we replace flooring one day!  bar after


Commissioned link to Rustoleum Chalked Charcoal paint

Link to the Rustoleum Matte Sealer



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