DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Over the years I’ve used drop cloths as curtains in different ways in different settings.  I love their natural color. I love the woven texture. I love how neutral they are. I love their price tag- about $10 per panel.                                                                                                          (I love to paint too but that has nothing to do with this. lol)

pleatTricks and tips? Assuming you have rods pick up 2 packs of drop cloths at your hardware store based on the length you need.  Grab 2 packs of drapery clips while you are there- it’s a ring that slides on the rod with a clip attached. You will want one pack per panel.

Wash them with lots of laundry softener and pull from the dryer quickly to avoid ironing.  I never iron.

Fold the top left edge of the panel towards the back and add a clip.  Fold the top right edge of the panel towards the back and add a clip.  Evenly space the remaining clips by pinching a 1/2-1″ pleat and add the clips.

drop cloth curtianoutdoor drop cloth


Panels can be hung washed and as is.  I like my rods high and wide.  If the panels aren’t long enough you can add a band of fabric or lower the rod. I’ve used them in almost every room of the house including outside on our pergola!

EA fabric


Here are my favorite drop cloth curtain panels EVER.  I had some beautiful Ethan Allen fabric on hand- just enough to add a band of fabric to each panel.  You can sew or even iron using stitch witchery.  I debated whether the band should hang at the ceiling or at the floor.  Since you use clips you can go either way.  I chose to place the pretty fabric at the top so I could see it all of the time. If you need panels that don’t break the bank and look amazing pick up some DROP CLOTHS!






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