Moving along on our little home tour and today we will visit the master bath.

This is actually an “after” picture of the little that I’ve done so far.

Overall the bathroom was neutral from first site. White counters, white tile in the shower, white tile floors plus 2 awesome skylights.

Not so lovely was the pickled pink wood vanities. Screech. Pickled pink wood y’all!?? Painting was imperative along with new hardware. Finally, I could stand to go in there without freaking out over the pink wood….

Painted those babies Charcoal as fast as I could. Ordered new hardware off Amazon and voila!


✅painted cabinets CHARCOAL

✅seal cabinets

✅new cabinet hardware

-paint walls

-New shower pull

-replace yellowed rings around lighting

After painting the cabs nothing else has happened in the master bathroom. There was this whole house to tackle and the thing that bothered me most is done.

Eventually I’ll paint the walls. Since we have a black and white theme already going on in the house the walls will likely go white or gray. Toying with a pale sky blue ceiling for fun.

Since there was so much ground to cover making this house into our home I’ve had to channel my project ADD!

Realistically the master bathroom is an area few people see (unless you show it on a blog) and it’s perfectly livable.

The master bedroom is also an area few people see and I’ve done NOTHING in there! No pics to share just yet.

Stay tuned…one day I will circle back to finish off the space and give it more personality.

About Desperate Craft Wife

Mom of 4 crafting her way through life one project at a time!

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