DIY Thanksgiving Keepsakes

Love saving thanksgiving keepsakes from year to year then pull them out for the holiday.

Sometimes simple is best. One year we jotted down what we were thankful for with a sharpie on wood slices.

Another year I painted river rocks prior to thanksgiving and we all wrote with a sharpie on the rock. My youngest wrote “pants” that year and we still laugh about that. We are so glad he wears pants too! Now if we could just get him to wear shoes regularly🤣

Placemats are some of my favorite keepsakes. And this one is so easy. Trace their hand and then cut out a few from different colored paper for the feathers. No paint needed- just paper, scissors and markers.

If you are feeling brave paint the palm brown and each finger a different color. Perfect turkey! Add a finger print for the gobbler. Always sign and date your keepsakes.

I have a personal laminator which is perfect for small projects like these.

I was just pondering what natural resources I can use for this year’s thankful project since I didn’t pre-plan. We will use SHELLS. We collected shells in the Outer Banks at spring break last spring and I have a bowl of them handy. I’ll update this post later with a picture.

Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. Go make some memories!!!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all~ Kristen

About Desperate Craft Wife

Mom of 4 crafting her way through life one project at a time!

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