Caring for baby chicks

As we are in the midst of the pandemic we decided to be more self-sustaining.

We are starting a veggie and herb garden in raised garden beds. We also decided to take on a few chickens. Why not have our own egg supply?

True confession here- I don’t know a thing about chickens and jumped in feet first. I read online that they stay inside with a heat lamp the first 6 weeks so I knew I had plenty of time to learn and figure out the coop.

Next thing you know we are coming home from Ace with 3 live chicks in a box….

They loaded us up with the appropriate feed, Pine shavings, a food and water container and a heat lamp. They were just one week old when we got them and so cute!!!

You can raise or lower the heat lamp to increase or decrease the temperature. You can watch the chicks to see if they are too hot or cold. If too hot they try to get away from the light. If too cold they will huddle under it.

Our ladies will look like this pretty chick one day. I love all things black and white so I chose black and white chickens too🖤.

Our chickens are for eggs not eating – I am a vegetarian after all. Each girl can lay up to 280 eggs per year! That’s impressive.

Introducing Mother Clucker, Lil Peep and Nugget. I have no idea who is who!!!

For the next 5 weeks each day I empty the bedding or add more on top. I make sure the water is fresh 2x a day and that the feeder is full. Easy!

We had some warm days over 80 degrees recently so I brought the girls outside while gardening to strut a bit.

I put them in this wire play pen that we have for our guinea pigs. They clustered together at first then explored a bit and loved it!

Even though they were right beside me I laid a dog crate divider over the top to help deter dogs and hawks.

The chickens were a week old when I got them so just 5 weeks to wean them off the heat lamp and move them outside. By mid May I need a coop ready!

I’ve spent hours looking at dreamy coops and am trying to land on a final design.

Stay tuned for details on the coop and the ladies big move to their own place~Kristen

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Mom of 4 crafting her way through life one project at a time!

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