Welcome to the DCW blog.  I’m so happy you are here!  The Desperate Craft Wife blog is launching with “365” projects for the home.

My husband, Matt, challenged me to post 365 DIY blogs and his challenge has been accepted. I hope to empower and enable other homeowners to make your house a home you love to live in!

I’ll be sharing past or present home projects with tutorial information to empower you.  I’ve never been afraid to give a DIY a whirl and will share tips, sources, do’s and don’ts for projects I’ve done and you can too.

Coming soon will be a menu for decorating and design services.  I will be offering both virtual consulting as well as a local services menu for the SW Virginia area.

Thanks for coming along for the ride at DCW365. I hope I can inspire you!  Enjoy- Kristen



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  1. Congratulations, Kristen! I’m so happy to see you have started a blog. I always thought this is what you should be doing. You are so talented. I had a blog for years to journal Lucey’s adoption. I started this one a few months ago but it’s quite boring. I’m looking forward to following along on your blog! We passed the sign to your town on our way home from Liberty yesterday. 🙂 Hugs to all.


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