DIY Backsplash

Our Virginia house didn’t have backsplash and I’ve been trying to commit to a backsplash a year! I’ve had a major phobia since it permanent. Backsplash is typically installed once in a lifetime and I’ve struggled to commit. I kept bringing home samples and returning them for months. My first kitchen transformation was to I […]

DIY Succulent Terrarium

Have you ever wanted your own miniature garden? Succulents are easy to grow and low maintenance. You will need a few materials to create your tiny garden. First item of business is a container for your garden. You can find these at local nurseries and stores or online. The container we used was purchased from […]

DIY Painted Furniture Tips

Before you toss that old dresser or turn down a hand me down think twice! I snagged this long dresser off a yard sale page in Florida but we never used it as a dresser. It used to live our in kitchen as an optional buffet piece but we used all 6 drawers for our […]

Painting tips for the potty

It occurred to me as I prepped to paint my LEAST favorite area of the home that I may have a few tips to share. Sanity savers if you will- because I’ve been here done that too many times! It’s a small area that’s simply awkward and takes way longer than you would expect. I […]

Master Bedroom Update- Fresh walls

Well, a year and a half after moving in our Virginia home I finally got around to painting the master bedroom. Before the existing color was a creamy yellow with a darker hue on the ceiling inset. Our headboard is actually an antique door mounted sideways. I love my door but it was lost due […]