Welcome back y’all! Sharing how our boring half bathroom that serves as our main guest bathroom looked for a YEAR. It has oak floors, oak cabinetry and a beautiful window. It took the backseat for so long because it was really fine as is. It’s just kind of meh. I planned to repaint and refresh […]

DIY Salvage Side Table

We had an unfortunate incident with the Jeep last summer. I was t-boned by another driver and it bent the rim thus popping the tire. 4 rims had to be replaced or it wouldn’t match. For a year 3 rims have been stacked in the garage….until now. I brought them in and flipped them this […]

DIY Dorm Headboard Tutorial

We just made a twin sized headboard for my daughters dorm room. I saw a million ideas out there made from foam core to wood covered in fabric. She wanted a rustic wood headboard with some space between the planks. So, together we made the headboard she had in mind. Weight was a major concern […]


Ending the binder series with the Queen Mother of all Binders. This one is filled with irreplaceable documents and lives in a fireproof safe. By the way, when we move ALL of my binders come with me not with the movers. They are all important but this one is the most important. I suppose you […]


Well, if you are reading this you have a child who has or needs a 504 or an IEP. It’s a long journey to obtain educational accommodations. So, once you establish the 504 plan or IEP services grab a binder and keep updating with the current copy for your sanity. Let’s talk about the 504/IEP […]