“Painting Tile Backsplash”

When we purchased our home it was brand new but we weren’t able to design it. It was a previously built inventory home. We were fine with that. It was a brand new home so I knew it was energy efficient and everything was in good working order. I’m really not sure I would EVER […]

“Perfecting the Pergola”

Once we moved in to our home in Florida we quickly discovered that the afternoon sun was not only extremely hot but bright and literally in our eyes as we ate dinner inside.  We decided to have a pergola (or shade structure) built when we added brick pavers as part of personalizing the backyard. Here’s the […]

“Converting a Closet”

Talking about closets today.  Riveting, right? First of all , my boys really seemed to struggle with bi-fold doors.  I think they lacked the patience to close them properly causing some yanking, pulling, pushing to the point that they would come off track.  Anyone with me? I literally took them off their closets and stored […]

“DIY Front Door Fun”

In our Florida neighborhood most of the houses looked VERY similar.  I liked to keep a large “R” on our front door in lieu of a wreath.   I considered it a bit of a challenge to change it up seasonally and had fun reinventing it over and over.  One of my girlfriends told me that […]

“Decorating Tip- Using Texture”

I wanted to share a decorating tip today that may be complete common sense to you or may be something you may not have been aware of. A room can be completely furnished but feels as if it is missing something. It’s missing textures and visual weight. How we perceive a room is effected by […]