When we initially went house hunting in Virginia I immediately started lists of how I would modify spaces to make them feel more like “us”.  I love to make lists!!! It calms me and helps me stay focused. As we come up on our one year anniversary in the house I thought I’d share my […]

DIY Pretty Paper Pantry

Try saying that three times fast!!! My pantry was looking a little blah and I decided to add some pizzazz to the back walls. Considered painting, stenciling or peel and stick papers. Yesterday I was at Joann’s and saw some craft paper and a lightbulb went off!!! Lots of varieties and options. Wide and narrow […]

Make Your Guests Feel Like VIP

I’ve moved to a new house in a new town and I’ve started a new thing! This is such a simple idea that goes a long way to making your overnight guests feel extra special. We are a family of 6 so we go through our share of towels daily. When I know we are […]

DIY Utility Sink Skirt

Do you have a utility sink? A utility tub? Whatever you call it if it isn’t sunk into a cabinet it isn’t all that cute.  I loved my sink for soaking sports uniforms and washing out my paint brushes.  I didn’t love that it looked so utilitarian and anything I stored under it looked junky. […]

Farmhouse Stair Rail Idea

We had stairs visible from the front door in the Florida house.  The oak and white balusters aka “spindles” made me CRAZY.  It felt out dated, a little country and it just bugged me.  Sometimes we fixate on things that others would never notice and make little sense- this is an example! By the time […]