About Me

10498018_10152993396251165_7711068089388457154_oAn Introduction To The Woman Behind Desperate Craft Wifery

Desperate- I have a driving need to be working on one {or more} projects every single day. This keeps me sane and is comforting to me like running or reading may be for someone else. I love to try new things and expand my skill set.  My mind is always exploding with ideas to the point that I cannot keep up with myself. Sometimes I suffer from what I call “project ADHD”.

Craft- I engage in a variety of crafting arenas. I LOVE painting.  I seek constant DIY ‘s challenges and will try almost anything once.  I enjoy woodworking, organizing, decorating, designing, horticulture, paint, wine, sewing, and repurposing. Fresh paint, wood dust and babies are my favorite smells and Pinterest is my favorite time waster.

Wife- I’m Kristen and I’ve been married my Matt for 24 years. We traveled around the world with the USMC and have 4 beautiful children. Our oldest daughter attended Brigham Young University in Idaho and Hawaii.  Our 2nd daughter is a freshman attending Florida State University.  We have 2 sons- one is a junior in a high school and the other is a 5th grade skater who keep us on our toes.  Our family has lived in Pensacola, FL, Jacksonville, NC, Oceanside CA, 29 Palms, CA , Iwakuni, Japan, Tampa, FL and currently live in Roanoke, VA.  I am currently making our VA house into our home one project at a time and we are loving it more each day.