Next room on the progress tour is our youngest son’s. He didn’t care about decorating, repainting or room themes so his space took a backseat. I’ve done the other 3 kids rooms and in some cases more than once so it’s certainly his turn!!! You may see our deaf Great Dane, Greta, throughout the blog […]

DIY Chalk Painted Furniture

We purchased these 4 rockers from Lowe’s 11 years ago and they are still going strong! Originally they were black but they had a midlife crisis and I painted them with chalk paint in this happy spring green color. They looked decent from the back but not so much from the front.  Upon closer inspection […]

Chalk, Chalked, Chalky, Chalkboard…

Good grief.  There are so many chalk paint options out there it’s hard to keep ’em straight.  I’ve been asked more than a few times what the differences are in these paints.  Let me share what I know…but first a disclaimer. I’m not a professional and make zero profit for offering my opinion on products.  […]