DIY Chalkboard Wall

Been missing the chalkboard table we had in Florida so I decided we needed a new doodle space in our Virginia home. I built this barn door for our mudroom area and 99.9% of the time it’s open. In fact, it’s open so much I never even bought a handle. When we close it there’s […]


When we went house hunting in Virginia I immediately started lists of how I would modify spaces to make them feel more like “us”.  I love to make lists!!! It calms me and helps me stay focused. I thought I’d share my “vision” and to do lists for each room and the progress I’ve made. […]

Chalk, Chalked, Chalky, Chalkboard…

Good grief.  There are so many chalk paint options out there it’s hard to keep ’em straight.  I’ve been asked more than a few times what the differences are in these paints.  Let me share what I know…but first a disclaimer. I’m not a professional and make zero profit for offering my opinion on products.  […]