DIY Magazine Trees

If you have some old magazines or catalogs on hand this is the perfect project for you! I used a West Virginia Vacation Guide from a rest stop and the Amazon Holiday catalog for these after reading them. This is a great recycling project, SO easy and perfect for the holiday season. Open your magazine. […]

DIY Tips for Christmas Tree Lights

Ahhh. Once your tree is up and fluffed you are ready for LIGHTS unless you are a lucky one that has a prelit that works! I feel like putting on lights takes me longer than assembly and fluffing combined! So….do you start top to bottom or bottom to top? Pretty sure there’s no right or […]

DIY Tips for a Fuller Artificial Christmas Tree

Dragged out our HUGE 12 foot artificial tree and assembled it over the weekend. It’s prelit days are over and I removed all the lights years ago. I honestly think we broke bulbs trying to stuff him in a Christmas tree bag and drag it to the garage for storage. We’ve had the tree for […]

DIY Flocked Tree

I’ve been in love with snow covered artificial trees for the past few years. I had a diamond in the rough kind of tree perfect for experimenting on. This tree came from someone’s curbside Christmas cast off pile. It was a half lit pre-lit with a distinct lean. I rigged it straight last year and […]