DIY Painted Furniture Tips

Before you toss that old dresser or turn down a hand me down think twice! I snagged this long dresser off a yard sale page in Florida but we never used it as a dresser. It used to live our in kitchen as an optional buffet piece but we used all 6 drawers for our […]

DIY Chalkboard Wall

Been missing the chalkboard table we had in Florida so I decided we needed a new doodle space in our Virginia home. I built this barn door for our mudroom area and 99.9% of the time it’s open. In fact, it’s open so much I never even bought a handle. When we close it there’s […]

DIY Pine Greenery

Our exterior was seriously lacking the Christmas spirit that shines inside. I’ve been a little stumped as far as how I wanted to decorate outside. Took a quick pic then made a loose game plan involving up to 15 window wreaths plus a wreath and garland around the front door. Sounded expensive. BEFORE going shopping […]

DIY Thanksgiving Keepsakes

Love saving thanksgiving keepsakes from year to year then pull them out for the holiday. Sometimes simple is best. One year we jotted down what we were thankful for with a sharpie on wood slices. Another year I painted river rocks prior to thanksgiving and we all wrote with a sharpie on the rock. My […]