DIY Backsplash

Our Virginia house didn’t have backsplash and I’ve been trying to commit to a backsplash a year! I’ve had a major phobia since it permanent. Backsplash is typically installed once in a lifetime and I’ve struggled to commit. I kept bringing home samples and returning them for months. My first kitchen transformation was to I […]


Ahhh…here’s the kitchen when we first moved in to our Virginia home.  From the first moment I saw it I eyed it objectively and started the lists! The overall layout was fine, the appliances were great, the cabinetry was in excellent condition, they had updated the countertops to granite and the views from the large […]

WHY Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Have you been dreaming of a white kitchen?  Hate the wood tone of your cabinets?  Is your kitchen stuck in a time warp?  Thinking about a change? You won’t believe what a difference paint makes.  By simply painting your existing cabinets you can transform your kitchen making it lighter, brighter and feel more modern.  You […]


My kitchen sure didn’t look like this when we moved in. It was all oak- oak cabinets and flooring. Painting the island and cabinets lightened, brightened and modernized the space for a fraction of the cost of a remodel. But you already knew that and that’s why you are reading this! This is the original […]